Main Suppliers

Yamato Seitosho

Yamato Seitosho was established at Kashiba City, Nara Prefecture in year 1938, they are Whetstone Specialist Manufacturer with more than 80 years history.
They have specialized industrial whetstone manufacturing with their craftsmanship, mainly their brand name CHERRY is really well-known in Japan.
Their products lineups are Oil stone, Mold stone, Horning stone, Superfinish stone, CBN/Diamond stone, so many varieties.
Yamato Seitosho has always supplied their high qualitied whetstones with quick delivery as well as detailed advice with quick feed-back for customer’s demand.
Their next target is to continue their activity and best service more than 100 years with contributing of Japan’s manufacturing, also Yamato Seitosho try to expand their business to the world.