Main Suppliers

Osaka Denken

Established in year 1947, Osaka Denken has mainly supplied Resistance Heating Equipment (Upsetting type, Energizing heating type) to major car parts manufacturer at Thailand. They have also suggested machine modification to make any shape and size of car parts after supply their original machines. In Japan market, they have supplied Butt welder, Lap welder, Bure-less welder, mainly Bure-less welders (Model : J-D1 & ABU-15) are Osaka-Denken’s feature products which advantages are 1) No need deburring work after butt welding, 2) Welding finishing part is very clean with smooth finger touch, 3) it can weld Non-ferrous metal, 4) Easy operation (User friendly) which proves for production cost reduction and rationalization. Now, Osaka Denken positively promotes their welders to overseas markets.