Main Suppliers

Chuetsu Metal Works

Established in year 1949, Chuetsu Metal Works is supplying copper mold plates and copper casting rings etc. of Chuetsu Metal Works, who is the largest mold maker in Japan, to steel manufacturing companies and manufacturers of metal material in India. At the same time when the first continuous casting machine for steel was Installed in Japan, Chuetsu Metal Works had started manufacturing the copper molds. Copper molds with high thermal conductivity are applied to the continuous casting machines, and their molds are widely adopted by blast furnaces, electric furnaces and special steel manufacturers in Japan and overseas. In addition to continuous casting machines for steel and non-ferrous metals, they also manufacture pure copper as a mold for special steel and magnetic materials, in-house developed precipitation hardening materials, and low-conductivity materials for electromagnetic stirring. They also support the design of optimal cooling structures by thermal analysis and the production of assemblies including jackets. In recent years, they have established a manufacturing system that meets the needs of their customers, especially by making efforts to supply products with higher added value and to promote factory automation for rationalization and labor saving through integrated production from casting materials to finished products with precision finishing. They handle a wide range of products from large castings in the tens of tons to precision finished products in the tens of grams.