Business Trip to India & Bangladesh

I visited our customer’s office (Car parts seller who has purchased Piston ring from us regularly) at South Mumbai.
Recently, the penetration of electric vehicles has been increasing drastically, so we can imagine that young generation and family can enjoy driving small EV for going anywhere.
Therefore, we should consider something-new car items for future business expansion.
Customer’s office location is beautiful coast area, it is first time for me to visit there.

And then, I visited Chittagong Fertilizer plant to join Control Valve installation (replacement from Pneumatic type to Electric type) in corroborate with Japanese sales engineer.
There are many kind of Japanese valves in the plant, so we hope that we will be able to supply new technology devices furthermore in basis of significant installation service this time.

Holding the G20 Summit.



Meeting for an Engineering Service at Chittagong.

Flight from Dhaka to Chittagong.

River Cruise